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3 Marthas Pink Fish Receiving Blanket

Pink Fish Receiving Blanket

This blanket is made from 100% cotton double-napped flannel and features a pink fish appliqué. Blankets are multi-functional - use them for cuddling, swaddling, tummy time, and even as stroller covers on a sunny day.

3 Marthas White Striped Burp & Drooler Set

White Striped Burp & Drooler Set

This popular gift set includes a burp pad with a fabric panel sewn down the middle and a fabric drooler bib backed with terry cloth. This gift is ready for giving as it comes tied with a gorgeous grosgrain bow. Perfect to monogram!

Elegant Baby Baby Pink Plush Blanket

Baby Pink Plush Blanket

Baby blankets have many benefits that extend beyond solely providing warmth. Babies love the familiarity of their favorite blanket, always providing comfort and security throughout the many stages of development. That's why it's important to choose the so