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Shark Toy Soap Bar

Splash into the tub with this friendly vinyl shark toy swimming happily in fruity-fragranced, naturally moisturizing glycerin soap. A kid-safe & healthy addition to Easter baskets. A low ph means it’s a mild, gentle way to liven up your clean routine.


Lavender Exfoliating Loofa Soap

A perennial crowd favorite, lavender is a pro at calming and soothing from before bedtime relaxation for sweet dreams. Now, naturally moisturizing glycerin and body buffing loofa come together in hand-crafted harmony for skin-buffing & nurturing.


Cucumber Aloe Exfoliating Loofa Soap

Buff your skin to a more refreshed, beautiful state with this clean herbal scented scrubber. Notes of mellow green tea, cool cucumber and aloe are a perfect combination for a moisturizing bar that will help you not just clean but also smooth your skin.


White Ginger & Amber Exfoliating Loofa

Soothing glycerin gets even smoother when poured around all-natural loofa. Wrap yourself in the spice & warmth of ginger coupled with just a hint of white tea while whisking away rough spots, banishing winter skin blahs & rejuvenating your inner glow.


Heartland Exfoliating Loofa Soap - Wild Rose

True floral fans will revel in this pretty-in-pink, delicately romantic rose-scented scrubber. Paired with our super-gentle glycerin soap, this 2-in-one will get that skin clean and smooth that skin in no time!