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Musee Bath

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Mama Said Bath Balm

Mama knows best and always be thankful for what "Mama Said"! Consider treating the mama in your life with something special to make a relaxing bath even more enjoyable!


Boxed Bath Balm - Daydreamer (Yellow)

Spark creativity as you treat yourself in this tangerine essential oil and cucumber extract bath. Dream abundantly as you soak in the fresh scents of honey and mint.


Boxed Bath Balm - Beautiful Day (Mint)

Find inspiration with the beauty of a new day as you relax in bath filled with scents of sweet orange and fresh florals.


Boxed Bath Balm - Dino

Go back in time with our dinosaur bath balm! Let your imagination run wild as you soak in swirls of green and blue waters. Keep your eyes open for a special surprise inside the bath balm!


Musee Bath Balm - Jingle Bells

The sweet aroma of peppermint will fill the air as you enjoy a warm bath and our delightfully festive “Jingle Bells Bath Balm.”


Musee Boxed Bath Balm - Jolly Little Elf

Create a new elf tradition in your home during the holidays with our “Jolly Little Elf Bath Balm” for your little one’s next bath. Bath time will be filled with delight when this cute bath balm reveals an elf wooden peg doll as the balm dissolves.


Boxed Bath Balm - Frosty the Snowman

Hand pressed with natural ingredients, Musee's therapeutic aromas and soothing oils are refreshing to the body and healing to your skin. And as life would have might just find a little surprise waiting for you at the end!


Boxed Bath Balm - Out of this World (Astronaut)

Let your imagination soar to outer space and turn your bath into a galaxy of magical colors!


Bath Balm - Tupelo Honey

She's as sweet as Tupelo Honey! Hydrate your skin with our honey infused bath balm. Soak in the calming swirls for a refreshing and moisturizing treat.


Musee Bath Balm - Butterfly Kisses

Spread your wings and fly with our all new Butterfly Kisses bath balm. With swirls of orange and pinks you'll be ready for take off and to kiss the days with whatever comes your way.


Boxed Bath Balm - A Pirate's Life

Little ones need time to relax and unwind too - and these fun and calming bath balms will give them time to do just that. This balm is scented with lime essential oils and turn the bathwater into a sea of blue as it dissolves.


What A Wonderful World Bath Balm

Take a dip in the colorful swirls of blue and green and think to yourself "What a Wonderful World!" The best part is the little surprise waiting for you at the end of the bath!


Do You Believe In Magic Bath Balm

Dream big as colors of pink and blue swirl in the waters of your bath, creating an exciting and magical experience. Arrives in unicorn gift box. The best part is the little surprise waiting for you at the end of the bath!