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Greeting Card - Mercury Retrograde

This quirky greeting card is great for your astrology loving friend. Say "sorry for what happened when mercury hit retrograde" to someone who needs a pick me up! White background with black hand drawn and painted stars and planet graphics and black hand-l


Dry Shampoo Greeting Card

What is the best way to tell you best friend you love them? This card says it all:"You're the dry shampoo to my greasy ass hair"


29 Again Greeting Card

Age is just a number! Celebrate a loved ones birthday with our hilarious card reading "Happy 29th Birthday... again"


Greeting Card - Top Knotch Birthday

Say happy birthday to your friend that rocks the Top Knot better than anyone. Reads "have a top knotch birthday" with a cute illustration of a girl with a top knot hairstyle, sunglasses and red bow!