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Greeting Card - Who Needs Cake When We Have Tequila

I'd rather drink my calories. A funny birthday card for your friends and family who love tequila! Reads "who needs cake when we have tequila" in black hand lettering on a tequila bottle label, with a candle on top!


Greeting Card - Birthday Wishlist Botox & Therapy

We need all the help we can get. Give this funny card to your bestie! Card reads "Birthday wish list: botox, therapy, a time machine, alcohol" with hand illustrations on a white background.


Dry Shampoo Greeting Card

What is the best way to tell you best friend you love them? This card says it all:"You're the dry shampoo to my greasy ass hair"


29 Again Greeting Card

Age is just a number! Celebrate a loved ones birthday with our hilarious card reading "Happy 29th Birthday... again"


Greeting Card - Top Knotch Birthday

Say happy birthday to your friend that rocks the Top Knot better than anyone. Reads "have a top knotch birthday" with a cute illustration of a girl with a top knot hairstyle, sunglasses and red bow!


Greeting Card - Mom Jeans Before They Were Cool

Everything comes back in style, but she is the OG. Give this Mother's Day or birthday card to your mama who's still got it. Reads "you wore mom jeans before it was cool" in black hand lettering with a hand drawn illustration of a pair of denim jeans on a


Greeting Card - Mom Hustle

No one does it like you, mom. A mother's day or feminist birthday card to tell her you appreciate her mom hustle." Hand illustrated pink bicep on a white background.


Greeting Card - Jay to Bey

A spin on Beyoncé and Jay-Z's relationship. Send this cute card to your boo who you love! Hand drawn illustrative portraits of Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Colorful graphics on white background with black hand-drawn lettering.


Greeting Card - Who Needs Cake When We Have Wine

I'd rather drink my calories. A funny birthday card for your wino friends and family! Reads "who needs cake when we have wine" in black hand lettering on a pink label on a green hand illustrated wine bottle, with a candle on top!


Greeting Card - Who Needs Cake When We Have Claws

A funny pun holiday card with your favorite hard seltzer! Card reads "Who needs cake when we have claws?" in a hand illustrated hard seltzer can with a candle on top!


Greeting Card - Excuse to Get Birthday Wasted

This funny birthday card is the perfect sentiment for your friend who loves to have fun! Front of card features white background with hand-lettering that reads “your birthday is just an excuse for me to get wasted!” Colorful pastel banner. Blank inside.


Happy Birthday Party Animal Greeting Card

Celebrate a bestie's birthday with our Happy Birthday You Party Animal greeting card featuring the 3 animal faces on the front wearing party hats!


Happy Anniversary - 3 Plants Greeting Card

Celebrate someones anniversary with our Happy Anniversary greeting card featuring 3 different plants along the front. A simple card to pair with a lovely gift!


Pineapple Bath Bomb

"Be Sweet Like a Pineapple" Packaged Bath Bomb is made with Cait & Co.'s signature coconut milk recipe, so not only are they fun, they are also nourishing.